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Open House will take place on Thursday, August 1st. 

9th Grade students are scheduled from 8:30am - 10am

10th thru 12th Grade students are scheduled from 10:30am - 12noon

There will be a Talented & Gifted Informational Meeting in between the two sessions at 10am.

You will be able to:

  • Walk schedule
  • Meet teachers and discuss curriculum expectations
  • Rent lockers
  • Turn in residency verification documentation (9th & 10th)
  • Turn in immunization documentation (11th)
  • Pick up Student Parking (if approved)
  • Gather club information
  • Gather sports information


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We need you and your support! We've got updates, big plans, and initiatives that are being developed and we need all hands on deck! We are looking to reconnect with alumni to share these plans!

It is hard to believe that we are starting our 34th school year. Our vision is to provide updates with what's going on on campus in order to celebrate, recognize, and show gratitude to our past graduates and our future graduates.

Please take a brief moment to complete the Form associated with the QR code or follow this link (Chattahoochee Alumni Contact Form) to help us get this initiative started! We just need some basic information.

Thank you for your time, consideration, and trust in Chattahoochee High School.  Go HOOCH!!


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Congratulations to the Hooch InvenTeam! The Chattahoochee High School InvenTeam presented their design at the Lemelsson-MIT EurekaFest on June 12th! 

Our students are one of only 8 teams in the U.S. that received the Lemelson-MIT InvenTeam grant. Hooch InvenTeam, with the support of InvenTeam Education Fellows Robin Jones and Kirstin Bullington, used creative problem solving & 21st century skills to focus on developing a technological solution to purify air in homes of harmful emissions that leak from residential gas stoves used for cooking. Gas stoves are constantly emitting methane gas, even when they are turned off. This has been a well-known cause of health and environmental problems for many people worldwide. Currently, 38% of Americans use a gas stove. This is higher in the Atlanta area where 41% use a gas stove. Additionally, gas stoves release nitrogen dioxide at levels that are far higher than World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations.  

The Chattahoochee High School InvenTeam, developed an air purifier in the stove to protect residents from harmful methane and nitrogen dioxide emissions.

Visit their InvenTeam page to learn more about this team’s invention!

Once again, congratulations to Hooch InvenTeam; Kennedy Bailey, Srinidhi Chebrolu, Shiven Gupta, Riley Jocham, Sophia Knudsen, Paola Leal, Kristen Lee, Keefer Lin, Sophie Lin, Moukthika Rajala, and David Xibille.

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