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College Visits

College visits

College visits at CHS

  • College visits are for Juniors and Seniors only.
  • College visit dates are posted on Naviance and often published on social media and at school.
  • Students can register for a maximum of 7 on-campus college visits per school year.
  • Students must notify their teacher ahead of time if planning to attend a college visit.
  • Students should research the colleges prior to the visits and come prepare with questions for the representative.

Off-campus college visits

  • Students are allowed 6 pre-approved absences from school, which can be used for college visits or other purposes.
    • If face-to-face, students must pick up the "Pre-approved Absence Form" in the attendance office.
    • If virtual, students must send an official note from the college -on college letterhead- to the attendance office.